Proof Power

The scripture is filled with man and woman of proofs in every direction. 

Think about a man like Moses who walked in the full proof of his Ministry.  

When Dathan, Korah and Abiram rose up against him, he said:

“If you people die the death of normal people, or you are visited by normal visitation, then God did not call me” (Numbers 16:28-30).

That is proof. He said,

“The only way we can test whether I am fully called of God is that you are not permitted to die normal deaths.” He said, “If the earth should open its mouth and swallow you alive, then it is confirmed that I did not send myself.”

Someone once went to the Prophet Elijah and said,

“O Man of God, the king wants you.” And Elijah said, “If I am a Man of God, then let the fire fall…” He used the situation to confirm who he was and ended all arguments.

What Elijah was saying, in essence, was, “If the fire falls, I am a Man of God. If the fire does not fall, then I am not of God.” And the fire fell and destroyed one hundred and two people. That is proof of power. That is what is called full proof.

One day, Paul the Apostle was on a journey to Rome with about two hundred and seventy people on board.

And when there was a very terrible storm, he stood up in the midst of the people and said,

“Sirs, let none of you trouble himself. The angel of God whom I serve and whose I am stood by me last night, and he guaranteed that we shall arrive safely. So there shall be no loss of any man’s hair, except I am not here. No one who is journeying with me is permitted to scatter in this ocean, except I am not here” (Paraphrase). Note the words of the Apostle here: “The angel of God whose I am and whom I serve…” (Acts 27:23-25)

Now, when last did you make such a declaration?

Paul, Moses and Elijah if you follow these words carefully are people who did not speak like they were guessing. They did not speak like they were presuming. They did not speak like they were uncertain. They were confident. They were certain. They had a bold assurance of what they were talking about. They knew it was going to happen as they said it. They had proof of power. They could make full proof of their Ministry at any time.

If there is anything any Minister or leader of God should cry for, it is, “Lord, I need full proof of Ministry.”

Let’s become bold once again and believe God for the supernatural!

We must all be weary never become complacent in our lives and ministries each time God blesses us! Each time we see a little bit of increase in our lives we settle. Each time we see a little more financial increase in our business, we settle. We buy a new house and we settle. We receive a new business contract and we settle. Just because you are not starving that does not mean you should settle! To make full proof of your ministry implies that you are called to unsettle your settle.

We cannot stop until we see beggers become preachers. Until we see prostitutes become dignified housewives. Until we see the sick, who enter God’s presence healed. Until we see the atheist and the agnostic and all the lost in our respective world’s of influence hear the Gospel at least once! So many of the people we worship God together with, still trust in black magic, witchcraft and their ancestors… how can we be settled?

As I close, we can have reach but no impact! We can reach millions with the Gospel and still ask, why are they not changing? Their lives are not being transformed because what we lack is the proof –because we lack proof; we lack impact! That is why, in a country with many preachers, pastors and Christians there are still rotten situations.

Once more, let us become bold again and in faith believe God for the power of full proof lives and ministries in Jesus name!

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