At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the doctrine of Total Depravity.
  • Cite several Biblical references to support Total Depravity.
  • Discuss possible objections to the doctrine of Total Depravity.\

Sin Comes from Within. Mark 7:20-23; James 1:13-15

• Sin is not just____ a voluntary transgression.

• Sin proceeds from a deeper attitude of rebellion____ against God.

• Sin proceeds from a treasonous____ disposition.

• Sin proceeds from a sinful____ heart.

Total Depravity Defined.

• All human beings are born with a sin____ nature.

• Total depravity means there is no part of human life absolved____ from

man’s fallen state.

• There is no area of human life that might serve as a possible grounds for


• Even if works are formally in accordance with God’s law it does not mean they

are good and well pleasing to God.

• We cannot compare the relative goodness of someone’s actions because the

standard is not human righteousness____; the standard is God’s


Actions well-pleasing to God:

• The only way to please God is to have faith____ in Him. Romans 14:23

• Faith in God must be the starting point.

Love____ for God must be the animating motive.

Law____ of God must be the directing principle.

Glory____ of God must be the controlling purpose.

Human Inability Matthew 7:18; John 1:10; John 6:44; Romans 8:8

• We are incapable____ of good apart from God.

• We are not able to change our character____ on our own.

• We are not able to act in accordance with God’s commandments____.

• We are incapable of faith.

• We are in absolute, complete bondage____ to sin.

• Total depravity is man’s natural condition apart from any grace____

exerted by God to restrain or transform him.

Without Christ, humans are in a hopeless____ position.

• Sin is against everything God is.

• God is not complacent____ toward sin.

• God is not indifferent to sin.

• God will inevitably act____ against it.

• The wrath____ of God is as pure as His love.

Human Liability John 3:36; Romans 1:18; Ephesians 5:6; Revelation 15:7

The Importance of Total Depravity 1 John 1:10

• Man’s sin against God is a central theme____ of the Bible, so sin is a

doctrine of profound importance!

• We cannot have fellowship____ with God if we continue in sin, yet we

cannot help but sin.

• Unless a person understands his or her utter hopelessness with regard to this

doctrine, salvation____ is impossible.